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ACT for your life

Life coaching & Counselling.

Online & In Zurich

Helping you live a meaningful life

Connected to what matters most to you.
Therapy Sessions
My philosophy

I am a continuous learner and open minded psychologist with a true passion for living a life that matters, the body and mind connection, and helping people find their safe place in this world, within themselves... and in their relationships.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Japanese medicine and Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy are the big 4 pillars that support my counselling interventions, and work as a container to what the person may need, in their unique and personal process to move towards their best fullfiled life!

Hey, I'm Ana

Your go-to Counsellor and Life Coach.


I am a Spanish psychologist and an ex-paralympic swimmer. Curious by nature, I never stopped traveling and learning... and my passion is helping you get ready for facing your life challenges skillfully... and start living a more meaningful life, according to what really matters to you. 


Also, in a dream to support more people reach their most meaningful life, I gathered a wonderful team of professionals with the same shared values, and dedicated to the same purpose ready to support you.

Working together

Online & in Zurich

All your thoughts & feelings deserve to be heard. Comfortable and uncomfortable ones. Society many times tells us the opposite, but there is no such thing as simply letting go... of the ones we don't like. That would be like trying to kick out of the bus that annoying passenger "we don't like". Aaah! If it only were that easy... Can you imagine how would that go? :)


Let's be rebels together. Let's notice them and name them!

We will learn together how to open up... safely reconnect within yourself, and train your brain on how deal with them more effectively, so you can live a life connected towards what matters most you -even in the midst of hardship or your everyday struggles. 

​We will also explore and dive in your deep inner compass of life  together so you can become more like the person you really want to be, and make a real difference in the time you spend in this planet.

You will be the leader, WE will be the TEAM.




Self Esteem


Relationships & Dating


Meaning & purpose





Work with me to prioritize your mental health and wellbeing, train your brain to develop effective life skills and move towards what's meaningful for you. 


Values & Goals

Feeling a bit lost? Have a difficult decision to make? Let's work together in this 4 sessions program on redefining and clarifying what really matters to you, how to get there... and train your brain to develop ways to manage effectively the difficult thoughts and feelings that are getting you out of the life you want! 


Getting Ready

Feeling like you are struggling with some aspects of your life or your relationships? During this 6 sessions program we'll work together on the basic processes for stopping the struggle, train your brain to deal more effectively and skillfully with what's hooking you, and get ready to move towards what really matters to you!



This is perfect for you if you are looking for an ongoing coaching process to invest and deepen the knowledge in yourself and your life patterns, your relationships, your body-mind connection... You also want to work creatively and consciously train your brain to be your ally and continue growing personally, infuse purpose to your life and make the most of the time you have in this planet!

Ana helped me immensely to clarify my ideas, and with her I learned how to deal much better with my anxiety! I am not afraid of it anymore. I feel I can handle it :)

Elena .G. Age 40

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