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Hey, I'm Ana

Your go-to Counsellor and Life Coach.


I am a Spanish psychologist and an ex-paralympic swimmer. Curious by nature, I have been traveling around the world since I was 4 years old... I lived in more than 10 cities, and the diversity of people and cultures were always fascinating to me. 


Professionally, I never stopped learning. I studied Psychology and Psychopedagogy at University. Specialized in Japanese medicine along the way... and after very diverse trainings to feed my hungry mind (you can see the highlights of them bellow), I'm currently totally captivated in my process of training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy by Steven Hayes, PACT Couples Therapy from Dr. Stan Tatkin and Somatic Experiencing, from Dr. Peter Levine.


About my personal life experience, I have developed a disability as a consequence of a surgery in my early childhood... and without going into more juicy details, I will say that I am 1,33 cm of a full Firecracker! Thanks to my amazing family, and loveliest friends, this was never seen as a limitation, but mostly as an asset that challenged (...flavored? ;) ) my ways to approach the world. I was always encouraged to look and learn from the perspective that best suited me in every occasion and this was, by far, the best and most appreciated life skill I could possibly receive. 


My favourite thing about what I do... is being able to help people, like you, to get ready for facing life challenges in their personal lives and in their relationships more skillfully and true to themselves... so they can live a more fulfilling life, according to what really matters to them. 


And my second favourite thing ever, is reading psychology books (see pic bellow), and silly singing (ok, better I wont't show you now about this one... just yet), but I just LOVE it. I can't help it!


Now the stage is yours... and we would love to hear from you aswell. Please, get in touch with me and my amazing team (you can meet them at the end of this page!), through here or my social media, and tell us about you... and how you would like to start ACT-ing for your life!


Certifications and Ongoing trainings

Contextual and 3rd Generation Therapies Specialist, University of Almeria

ACT for depression, Contextual Consulting & Jim Lucas

ACT for beginners by Russ Harris 

Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy, by PACT Institute, Practitioner LEVEL I

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Certification by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute LEVEL I

Gestalt Therapy, Practitioner level I

Dr. Manaka System, Neuroestimulation of superficial application for Nervous System Modulation

Team Entrepreneurship & Leadership, by Team Academy 

Psychopedagogy Degree University of the Basque Country

Psychology Degree University of the Basque Country

Currently in Training:

MBCT – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (8 week program), Nirakara

Clinical Applications of ACT based of Functional Analysis, Psicoflix & José Molinero


Meet the Team

In a dream to spread the word and support more people reach their most meaningful life, we are gathering a wonderful team of professionals with the same shared values, and dedicated to the same purpose, ready to support you.

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