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The first draft of anything is shit

First times sometimes can be particularly scary and if we aim for perfection, even more... to the point that it can lead us to avoid the potential experience as a whole to minimize the feeling of not being good enough in that first attempt.

Whether or not Ernest Hemingway actually ever said the famous quote "the first draft of anything is shit"... does not really matter. In any case, this is your daily reminder to unhook from your first attempt criticism stories 😉 and 2 strategies for you, to help you succed.

What learning can we take from this irreverent attitude?

This powerful reminder makes room to a very possible reality: the first time you are doing something it will probably not be as good as you want it to be in its final version. Yes, sometimes we may get very lucky and hit the jackpot, being brilliant in our first attempt! But let's face it... that is not the most common result. On the other hand, also sets the path for us to sprinkle a little self compassion into any of our (life) first attempts… that can help us voice down our inner critic.

Self compassion: they key of self development

What kind of travel partner do you prefer in your holiday trip? and even more important than that, with what kind of partner you are more likely to explore and discover more in your imaginary awesome holiday trip? The exigent, annoying partner that doesn't allow a mistake and wants everything in the holidays to be just perfect from the minute one and gets angry otherwise... the fearful that only pushes you to chose the super safe way, and go to what you already know, every single occasion... or the third one that is right next to you in the adventure, supporting you, encouraging you to explore that new city... take some risks, and hangs in there with you when you get lost and run out of batterie in your phone in a country where you don't speak the language? Which one would you prefer to have by your side in your holiday trip? The first, the second or the third one?

Aha! Much nicer the third one, right?

And, now, thinking of your own life trip "of first attempts", what kind of travel partner are you being to yourself?

“This is is new and is hard! May I be kind to myself.“

That is what Kristin Neff, author of brilliant books Self Compassion, would suggest you to say to yourself. We will talk more about self compassion in future post entries, meanwhile I uuuurge you to already try to implement it in your daily life. Why... you may be thinking? You don't want to be too soft to yourself, your mind may be saying... because you obviously want to keep growing and better everyday, and yes... I hear you. I am here by your side... and I kindly ask you now, to please remember the 3 types of travel partners of the story before. Which one would you want by your side... and would help you explore and learn more?

Indeed contrary to the popular belief of perfectionism, Self Compassion is actually one of the keys of Self development.

After all, in order to grow… we need to explore and learn… right? And, in order to learn… we inevitably need loooots of first attempts!

Thank your perfectionist mind

So, when your mind hits hard next time to try to avoid you taking the chance to experience a new first attempt, you could also kindly remember to yourself:

“Thanks mind! That’s ok. Hemingway already taught me, the first draft of anything is shit!” 😁

And notice what difference it makes.

Let me know in the comments 👇 if you try it and… also, I would love to hear your favorite ways to deal with your inner critic!

ACT for your life 🧡

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